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                              A Little History About Us

Eagle Pest Control, Inc came to life in October of 1983 with only a few
residential customers and one commercial facility, which Eagle Pest
Control, Inc still does services regularly to this day. Since the humble
beginnings of 1 employee (the owner & founder of the company) most
of the residential customers are still customers today and thanks in
part to their praises about our service and flexibility to adapt to their
schedules, we now maintain a full staff of state certified technicians
and applicators to keep up with the growing demands. We now service
a numerous amount of the largest warehouse facilities in Waco and
surrounding areas, as well as several smaller but as important
warehouse facilities. We also service several restaurants, office
buildings, rental management properties and daycare centers in the
Waco area. Our service radius is of approximately 50 miles around
Waco, Texas and for customers who live in and around the Austin,
Texas area, there is a sister company (Eagle Pest Control) in Bastrop,
Texas which is privately owned by a family member.

We now specialize in Termite prevention (pre-treatments to soil during
construction of structures) and Termite extermination (partial & spot
treatments to existing structures)
See termite page for more information

We also specialize in commercial warehouse pest control, using a bar
code and scanner system to create trend analysis reports and graphs
to provide a more complete service report. With this system you can
see pest activity at a glance along with analysis that can be compared
with previous months or years for each location.
See commercial page for more information.

Residential pest control services are offered for general pests (ants,
spiders, roaches, mice..)  to customers requirements (ex. Quarterly,
Monthly, inside and/or outside perimeter) Pests/insects that are NOT
included in a regular residential/commercial general pest control
service are: Crickets, Bees, Ground Hornets, Web Worms, Fleas, Ticks
and trapping (ex. squirrels, raccoons, armadillos, possum...)
See residential page for more information.

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Eagle Pest Control, Inc.
Waco, Texas, 76708
Ph# 254-757-1036
Eagle Pest Control
Austin & Bastrop
Bastrop, Texas, 78602
Ph# 512-303-1519
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