Eagle Pest Control, Inc.

Commercial Integrated Pest Management

When making decisions regarding pest control, facility managers
face the pressures of government regulations and public perceptions
of pesticide usage. Addressing these concerns, Eagle Pest Control,
Inc. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs are customized for
each facility.

Integrated Pest Management pinpoints the source of a problem and
then determines low risk, effective tactics. Eagle Pest  Control, Inc's
strategies often include:

  •     Personalized facility program
  •     Reports recommending removal of harborage sites
  •     Reports recommending habitat modification
  •     Complete monitoring report at each service
  •     Trend analysis reports upon request
  •     Facility auditing service upon request

When chemical treatments are required, products with the least
toxicity are selected and treatments are directed with attention to
remote locations and seasonal timing to reduce unnecessary
pesticide usage.

Eagle Pest Control, Inc IPM approach breaks the cycle of re-
infestation that traditional companies create with strategies that
reduce pest incentives and assuring a healthy, pest free environment.

Eagle Pest Control, Inc offers the most efficient, long-term control
while using the lowest-risk methods.

Let Eagle Pest Control, Inc customize a contract to fit the needs of
your facility and budget!
Example of Trend Report
Example of Pest Activity Report
Our company has the resources you are looking for.
These are a few features our tracking system offers

  • Track Pest & Rodent Activity throughout the facility, by type, evidence, and
  • Track Evidence of Activity = (Feeding on Bait, Nesting in trap, Rodent or
    Insect droppings
  • Track Pesticide & Chemical Dispersions throughout the facility.
  • Pesticide Usages are tracked by location applied, amount dispersed, target
    pest, commodities treated, EPA number, lot number, concentration,
    application methods and rates, and technician who dispersed the pesticide
    along with his state license number.

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