German Roach

The German cockroach is THE cockroach to be concerned about as
they are the ones who gave cockroaches a bad name throughout the
United States and Canada.
The German cockroach is often mistaken with the Asian cockroach, but
the trained eye can easily identify the differences between the two
species.(see image below) The German cockroaches are more common
in the United States but both are just as unpleasant to have in your
home. The German cockroach populates at a faster rate than the Asian
cockroach, therefore may take longer to exterminate. A pair of German
cockroaches have the ability to produce up to and above 300.000
offspring in the course of a year. Duration of service for cockroaches
always depends on the severity of the population.

Asian or Oriental Cockroach

The American Cockroach

The American cockroach is also known as a Water bug. It can easily
measure up to 2 inches long and is very common in most southern
states. This cockroach prefers living outdoors near a food supply, ex.
Trash cans, pet food containers, ect. but they are not opposed to
making their home inside yours.
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