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Information about Spiders

Most spiders are small, inconspicuous arthropods which are harmless to
humans. Their beneficial role in keeping insect populations in check far
outweighs the hazard posed by the few spiders that occasionally bite
humans. Very few of the nearly 900 species of spiders in Texas can hurt
people. Only two groups; Brown recluse spiders and Black widow spiders
are considered poisonous to humans.
Tarantulas, jumping spiders, wolf spiders and some other spiders worry
people who mistakenly believe they are seriously poisonous. Although these
spiders are often large, hairy and formidable-looking, their bite is typically
less harmful than a bee sting. People who are extremely allergic to spider
venom though, react severely to any spider bite.
(See images below of brown recluse & black widow below)
Black Widow Spider
Clear identifying marking is the
hourglass shape on the abdomen of
the spider.
Brown Recluse Spider
Clear identifying marking is the
violin shape on it's head